New Human Powered/Electric Gear Prototyping

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    Troy, Michigan, April 12, 2010 --- Marco Polo Boats, Inc. (MPB) of Troy, Michigan, USA, seeks boat builders and human powered boating enthusiasts to test prototypes of a new in-water gear assembly designed for human powered and electric powered boats.

    The prototype will be available this summer in four increaser ratios and two torque specifications. The range is intended to serve the leisure, rental, and performance markets.

    Qualified testers will be loaned a prototype in exchange for undertaking testing protocols over a 60 day period this summer. If a tester completes the protocol and adheres to program requirements, he or she will be given a gear assembly when production commences.

    “Marco Polo Boats is excited about this mechanism and its potential for inexpensive and energy efficient small boat propulsion,” said Mark Vermilion, president of MPB. “We want it tested in the real world by human powered and electric boat enthusiasts so that we can make improvements prior to production.”

    Qualified testers must provide their own water craft with front-end pedaling or electric motor, a connecting shaft, and propeller. Optimum input RPMs for the unit are from 50 to 100.

    The gear assembly comes in increaser ratios of 1:7 and 1:49 (each with a maximum torque of 157 lb-in), and 1:5 and 1:25 (each with a maximum torque of 200 lb-in).

    MPB seeks testing applicants according to the following chart:

    Human Powered Category
    Ratio Number of Units Max. Torque
    1:5 4 200 lb.-in.
    1:7 4 157 lb.-in.
    1:25 2 200 lb.-in
    1:49 2 157 lb.-in.

    Electric Motor Powered
    Ratio Number of Units
    1:5 2 200 lb.-in
    1:7 2 157 lb.-in.

    Interested parties should e-mail for program requirements.

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