New houseboat Orsos Island

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sottorf, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Amazing, I luv the design and layout!

  4. noli
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  5. philSweet
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    Regarding the first one.

    The letters 'sos' should not appear in the name of any boat.

    No displacement listed. That's odd, but not really surprising. There's a whole lot of goofy eye candy it the website, but I don't see a boat.
  6. keysdisease
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    Floating Island in South Florida, several bar / lounges / grill plus beach.

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    Orsos Island

    Aka fancy barge.

    I like it,in fact I love it- perfect for my area.
    25,000 km of coastline with 40,000 islands most of it sheltered.
    Move it around whenever you like.

    Be sure it's too high for bears to get onto....

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  8. tunnels

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    The best of all worlds ! i love it :D:p:p

  9. SamSam
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    Here's my idea. I used to sandblast and paint Standard Oil tanks,these tank farms are everywhere. A lot of them are on the water such as in the photo. The bottoms of the tanks rust out so the tanks are replaced and scrapped out but the upper parts are perfectly fine. The smaller tanks on the left are maybe 50' across, almost 2,000 sq.ft. of area. So, you get with a demolition company and make a deal for a little more than the scrap price of steel. While the tank is still on land, you sandblast the top 8-10 feet and paint/bottom coat that section. You have the demo company cut the top loose and you pay for a crane to lift it off, turn it over and put it in the water. Then you tow it away, sandblast the interior and paint it, put in a floor, rooms walls, a roof that doubles as a deck or garden or helo landing pad, cut out windows wherever you want, etc.
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