New Detroit Diesel Marinization

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by MihaS, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Hello guys,

    im happy to inform you about marinization of new engine.

    engine make: VM 638 LH / DETROIT DIESEL 638

    Year: 2000

    Condition : NEW

    Dispacement: 3900

    Power: 160 KM ++

    Previous I marinize VW 3.0tdi engine and this is my new project.

    I bought four engines few years ago and this is first which is on the end of project nad waits to be installed in boat.

    I allready have it started and test all mayor funtions. But first I have BIIGG problems with electronic bosch pump, so this engine is first version EDC engine which allready have electronic throttle.
    So engines are new and used for one company from USA and for BERING/Hyundai truck but sold only in USA, this was reason that I didnt get any documentation. Electronic potenciometer which was used in those engines I couldnt find in market.

    So I called, in VM factory in Italy and there was one engineer which told me that he must go to history museum that will find some data of this engine. But I was very anoing and it helped, i got data about potentiometer.
    SO engine gets throttle,yuppi.

    Then I start with making components, on pictures you will also see homemade heatexchanger with exhaust manifold. New intercooler, new water pump,new alternator,new hydraulic pump,new engine mounts,all rubber hoses was custom made for this engine, mercruiser bellhousing plate....
    We also increase power, Im waiting to test it in water. In 2 days I will add some video.










    Best regards


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  2. MihaS
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    Hi Mihas,
    I have the same engine, how did you get the throttle working, do you have the wiring diagram at all?
    HOw about all the warning lights and rev counter etc?

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    nice work. persistence pays
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