New Bass boat project .. recovering seats ?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by northrivergeek, Nov 18, 2006.

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    Hello folks, I recently purchased a 1986 Astroglass v175 cheap, and the drivers and passenger bucket jump seats wood and vinyl shot, replacing both after pricing seats and seeing how cheap they are made.. even the 200 -300 dollar seats felt cheap .. so I went to fabric store bought some clearance vinyl took old seat cover with me to match up wieght and type. and new wood, still cheaper so far than one of the cheapest seat I saw at Sportsmans warehouse $55 I have enuff material to do at least 4 seats for 50 bucks. Basically Im looking for some help in making the patterns for the vinyl recover the new frames. I was going to tear out the thread in seams of the seat vinyl and use it for pattern to redo seats adding couple inches or so the each panel.
    I bought some upolstery thread at the fabric store, and leather needles. will standard upholstry thread work or do I need heavier wieght / type? Any links to boat seat do it your self sites appreciated, any help at all welcomed :D
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