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New 2009 Macgregor 26M

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by artalv, Jan 12, 2009.

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    artalv New Member

    NEW 2009 MACGREGOR 26M - $21,500
    Ready to sail, including the following:
    We accept trade ins :)
    Interested in Part Ownership or Rentals?
    Contact Art@usawebs.net for details!

    Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. All prices are FOB Costa Mesa, California.

    Aluminum trailer with torsion bar axle, winch, lights, nose wheel jack, fiberglass fenders, and centering rails.
    Mast carrier


    Steering wheel and pedestal
    Hinged steering seat for easy transom access
    Foredeck hatch
    Anchor locker
    Outboard well for 5 to 60 hp outboards
    Cockpit storage lockers for 2 each 12 gallon fuel tanks with tie down brackets
    Mooring cleats
    2 jib winches, 1 handle
    Anodized mast and boom
    Anchor roller
    Deck tracks for jib and genoa
    All required standing and running rigging
    Hinged mast step and rotating mast

    Water ballast system
    Positive foam flotation
    Self-bailing cockpit
    Non-skid deck surfaces
    Bow pulpit and lifelines
    Kick up twin rudders and centerboard
    Mainsail reefing system

    Full standing headroom
    Bulkhead mirror
    Upholstered hull sides
    Galley, with sink, 5 gallon water system, convenient storage lockers, space for a built in stove.
    Space for a portable ice chest
    For additional information visit www.Macgregor26.com
    Enclosed head compartment
    2 double berths and 2 single berths
    Berth and inside sofa cushions, seat back cushions
    Cabin lock
    Full hull and deck liners
    Large side and forward windows

    Running and 4 interior lights
    Electrical panel
    12 volt battery

    White hull and deck
    Black accent stripes, hull and deck
    Tan interior liners



    Dark blue hull with white stripes -- $390

    Surge brake and anti-corrosion option added to the standard aluminum trailer -- $584
    The standard trailer is Included in the price of the boat. The $584 option is the price added to the standard boat and trailer price, and includes the brake actuator, disc brakes, galvanized torsion bar axle, aluminum brake caliper housings, and zinc plated brake discs. This option also includes a boarding ladder mounted on the trailer near the trailer hitch

    Jib, 130 sq. ft -- $260

    Genoa sail, 206 sq. ft (150%) -- $425
    The Genoa jib is a large forward sail that replaces the smaller jib and provides a very large increase in sail area. Like the jib, it attaches to the forward wire that holds up the mast (headstay), and sheets to adjustable blocks mounted on a track on the cockpit coaming.

    Genoa equipment (With adjustable fairlead blocks and sheets)-- $69

    Jib equipment (with adjustable low profile fairlead blocks and sheets -- $69

    Roller furling system-- (for jib and/or genoa)-- $495
    This system consists of a tough plastic extrusion that slips over the headstay, and a hardware system for rotating the furling extrusion. The leading edge of either the jib or genoa slides into a groove on the rear side of the extrusion. By pulling on a line that leads back to the cockpit, the extrusion can be rotated, rolling up the jib or genoa just like a window shade is rolled up on it’s roller.
    The roller furling system offers the single most effective way of exactly matching the amount of sail area to the amount of wind. The boat will sail very well with the jib or genoa completely rolled up, partially unrolled, or completely unrolled to full size. The sail keeps it’s shape no matter how much is rolled in. It is particularly useful when sailing into the wind. If the wind becomes too strong, and the boat is leaning too much, simply roll up some headsail and ease the pressure on the rig. In many situations, the boat will actually sail faster with less sail. All this can be done from the cockpit, and it is not necessary for anyone to go to the foredeck to reduce sail area.
    In areas where winds are generally heavy, skippers will usually keep the jib on the furler. In light wind areas, the genoa will be attached. It takes only a few minutes to switch the sails on the furler.

    Cruising spinnaker, with sheets. (No additional equipment is required.)-- $475
    The sail is easy to fly and colorful. It adds a lot of sail area and provides an amazing amount of speed when sailing downwind. It is flown and controlled just like a jib or genoa. Unlike conventional racing spinnakers, it does not require a spinnaker pole or extra hardware.

    Vang (for better control of mainsail shape)-- $ 69

    Mast raising system, with brake winch, side supports, pole and all hardware-- $135

    Steering linkage bar, for connecting the steering system to the outboard motor -- $55

    Self contained marine head-- $98

    Table filler cushion -- $48

    Cockpit seat cushions-- $190

    Cockpit sun shade-- $575
    The optional sunshade is a comfort on really hot days. It folds back, out of the way, when not in use. It can be left in place for powering or sailing. On a hot summer day, you will always be cooler on the water.

    Boarding and swim ladder-- $155
    The optional stainless steel ladder can be used for swimming or for boarding the boat while it is on the trailer. The ladder has a significant slope to the rear which makes it easier to use than one that is vertical.


    We have developed many other options to suit the Macgregor 26M. Contact us for details.

    We are a Macgregor Dealer ready to help you select a new Macgregor 26M with options to meet your needs.

    We are also an authorized Suzuki Marine dealer.

    3930 S Florida Ave
    Lakeland, Florida 33813

    863 529-6300
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