NEEEEDD HELP to build my dream boat

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by SpeedFreak23, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Hi: I'm new to this web site and I love what I've seen.. I have a problem and I need help.. I have a passion for race boat since I was little.and now come the time in my life when I want to build one from scratch... this has always been my dream to make my own boat..I'm a college student with a normal job and I wanted to see if their is anyone that can help me in making a speed boat.. I want to buils a 24' offshore boat with a single engine.. I looked throuh some picture and notice that one is making a mold it come to different angle and shapes.. can some one explain to me this hole concept.. thanks
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    Help @ hand!

    Hey dude,
    That's great that you're interested and have the passion to want to build your own boat. To get started you really need to have a design in mind, keep it simple if you plan on building it yourself and don't let your ambition get ahead of your ability. In your case it's probably best to find a company who can supply you with already proven drawings so you can begin construction sooner rather than later. It's also peace of mind knowing that the designed vessel was done by a professional who has calculated critical figures to ensure the vessel floats!

    A couple of suggestions would be for you to find some books online or at a library related to small craft building. Also, take a walk down at your nearby marina and have a chat with the shipwrights and see what they can show you. The key is to ask lots of questions e.g. will i build from aluminium or fibreglass???

    Boatbuilding is a very difficult trade and something that takes years to master, trust me I've been there! Give it time and don't rush things, otherwise your dream may turn into an expensive nightmare.

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