Need plans for 16'-20' launch

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by fubar, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Newbie to this forum.
    My wife and I live on a lake and are wanting to build a small launch. I've done some searching here, but I guess I don't understand the search function. When I type in the words "launch" and the word "plans" I, of course, get a hit on every post that has the word "launch" and/or the word "plan" somewhere in the post.....Did you know that this forum has over 8,000 threads with over 306,000 post?:eek:

    If anyone knows of where I might find to purchase plans for a 16' to 20' launch I sure would appreciat it.

    I'll try to add a picture of a launch like we want to tackle. altho we are looking for a much less elaborate vessel, more plain jane. (I have a steam engine I want to fit to it):)

    The photo is not mine
    Thx in advance

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    If you have an engine you want to use, the first thing to do is post the physical dimensions, weight, HP and torque at rated RPM.
  3. fubar
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    fubar New Member


    I have multiple choices of engines, steam from 1.5 horse to 9 horse and diesel 6 to 28 horse.

    My limit is on the length. When I find the design, my next problem will be to see how large (btu) vertical boiler it can accomodate. If I can't fit my steam to the vessel, I will then turn to diesel. My guess for diesel is the neighbor hood of 7-12 hp.

    Regardless, I am looking for a launch 16 - 20 foot.
    Seeing the variety of vessels and subjects covered in this forum I'm sure that someone has been there, I just don't understand the quirks of the search function.

    Here is another sketch, somewhat, that I'm looking for. Again, this is not my drawing, and I do not have the rights.
    Both that I've shown appear to be fantail and I prefer a double ender w/no cabin. I do not have the skill (at least I don't think so) to safetly modify plans. I am more a machinest/mechanic than a woodworker/artisan, I am gonna try...LOL.

    thx again

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  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Contact Jay Benford and the 17' fantail launch is what you're looking for. (> <). He has a 25' fantail as well, both well suited for your plans. The last drawing you've posted appears to be a RedWing, which isn't a fantail and is designed for outboard power, mounted in a well.
  5. MCDenny
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    MCDenny Junior Member

    The WoodenBoat Forum is a good place to ask a question like this. WoodenBoat also sells many different plans.

    An important quesation is: How elaborate do you want your building project to be? A shapely strip planked fantail launch like in your first picture would take 2 to 3 times the effort (and a good bit more skill to do a nice job) than the plywood skiff in your second picture.

    The Atkins (father and son) designed many boats for low power propulsion. The plans are mostly for traditional (no plywood or epoxy) construction but substituting plywood and epoxy would make them easier to build (as long as hull shapes are developable) for a beginner.

    Weston Farmer's book "From my old Boat Shop" has several nice designs for low power launches in your size range.
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  7. Horsley-Anarak
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  8. fubar
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    fubar New Member


    Thanks guys!!

    You have given me more than I thought was out there. The wife and I are looking now through all this and I know that the plans I need are in those sites.

    Saw a nice little suprise, a 12' Tug, too cute, but look at this launch
    is this a beauty or what?
    I'm not going after that one, don't have that kind of wood working skills...LOL

    Thx again,

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  9. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    Fubar, just a thought.
    How about going for a different bow for those little lakes around Wasilla?

    Something like the Mr Jon (look in the Glen-L customer photos)

    I lived up there for a long time, and had two Sharp Bow boats for lake fishing.
    Steering and handling is a little better with that wider bow when you have a passenger or load up front. A Jon is so much steadier.
    I could never beach just like I wanted to. The sharp bow would hit that brush at the edge of the lake and stop me.

    I liked to Fly fish in Matanuska lake at the Palmer Wasilla junction late in the evenings.
  10. fubar
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    fubar New Member

    Funny you should say that about being steady. We live on a lake and have two boats, one of which is a party boat, the other is a 14' Jon boat. Prior to owning the Jon boat my wife was at Alaska Mining and Diving and she purchased a little plastic boat. It was really cute, one could even purchase a little keel fin type of thing, rudder and sail kit for it.
    Anyways, she brought it home, I assembled it on down to the lake we went.
    That was the tippiest thing I was ever in!!! Scared me half to death. The only way I could get into it was to shove it half way up under our party boat until the center seat was directly below my butt, then gently, very very gently slide down off the party boat square onto the seat of the little plastic boat.
    We gave it away to a friend of ours and got the Jon boat for her day fishing.
    Three days ago my friend brought the little plastic boat over for his maiden voyage. I told him my story and warned him he was gonna get wet.
    He got into that little thing, with a day pack, two full grown dogs, a tackle box and a fishing pole!!! For a test he coaxed one of the dogs overboard and then pull the dog back in over the side. He said that the boat was a little tippy getting in and out but he didn't think it could be swamped without a good bit of about that!

    So I know what you mean, Do you suppose that these launch type boats will rock like that little plastic thing?

    The big campground, Homestead, right at Kepler Bradley lakes is for sale. It's the one just past the intersection on the way to Palmer, suppose to be OK fishing there, but I like Horseshoe lake (near Big Lake) much better, that's where we live.

    Here is the little tug boat that is tugging at me....LOL

    Thx Scotty

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  11. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    I used to go to the KeplerBradly complex a lot. It was up for sale pretty often.
    Great fishing and Rabbit hunting in the winter. I wrecked my Knee back near the last lake in, back in the 70's before they built a rode back in there.

    We used to pack Canoe's back in there. A Canoe is the sort of thing you should leave your stuff in and swim alongside of it.

    If you put any kind of a Top on it, the ladies like a little privace at times, you'll want it wide without that pointy bow that'l make it tippy.

    Download one of those freeware drawing programs and get your wife involved with the 'wish' list.
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