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    Spookeay Heather Lela

    Hi folks, I am from Alabama Ok, here is my problem. I got this boat and It's a pre 1972 so it has no HIN. The place I got it from had no idea what it was. Here in Alabama the boat laws are very lax. All you need is a bill of sale and you are good to go so that is not the issue.

    I bought the boat and it had a Cobia wheel. After some post in other rooms I find it's not a Cobia but they are sure it's a Mullet Deluxe. Well today as we were striping paint I found a sun stain in the original paint coat that says Orlando Clipper where an emblem was. My question to you all is. Does anyone know what the model and year is? Thanks.

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    You simply have to visit:

    Those guys will tell you everything you want/need to know. I rebuilt a 1971 Wellcraft Airslot that was in similar condition. In some ways, it really was a rather simple and very rewarding project. Once the bones are correct (transom and stringers) you can rebuild it anyway you'd like...good as new.
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