need help with 79 ski supreme floor.

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by GOIN' DOWN, Jan 7, 2008.

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    i have just 1 small soft spot under drivers seat. i was needing to replace interior this spring and thought it would be a good time to replace floor and carpet as well, but not sure how difficult. i have never had any dealings with this and i need a starting point and a walk through if someone can help. and what do you think about roll on liners instead of carpet?
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    Unfortunately your troubles may extend further than just the floor - and there is really no way of knowing until you get into it. You'll find hundreds of posts here on this subject - though the flooring is called the sole in many of them.
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    asking a dumb question

    when i bought the boat i was told that the stringers had been replaced before. since i have had it i have been told by several very knowledgable boat people that my stringers look real good, so i'm not very worried about that. but i'm a little confused on the sole, can i work my way around the motor while putting in a new sole? it doesn't look like much room, but how hard is it? and i'm thinking of using a roll on liner instead of carpet, any suggestions? any help,opinions,or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Every boat is different. It's difficult to give advice based on perceived difficulty---- it may be techniques exist to easily work around your engine. Lots of detailed photos help in that area.
    I wonder how others can see your stringers, supposing that you have an access cover.
    In any case, the sole/floor/deck can be "sounded" methodically with a hammer to locate any obvious soft spots elsewhere. It is always the case however that the beginnings of rot sound exactly like good wood until exposed to the light of day, and also that one problem area is pronanly only the most developed of the many rotting areas.
    The best plan is to excavate first the area where the soft spot is, and see how localized the probllem is. The next step is to fix the problem, and after that, to find out what is causing the problem and fix that.
    It may be that the last owner did not properly seal the underside of the plywood with epoxy, and probably not the stringers either. If this is the case, you will never be free of rot. Yoiu may have solid stringers now, but their longevity is suspect.

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