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    okay i new here so if mess up ro ask wrong question please forgave me.My name is Bill i was surfing around this site and found alot of boat that i could only dream of.I know i would never made enough money in my life time to buy one of this piece of art unless i win a lotto.there is one boat that i could not take my eyes off and can,t find anymore info on it.The Countach car knowing that i can never affort {maybe} a countach boat,is there a plan or a drawing for this boat that you can get? please help ease my brain so i can sleep at night know this is not a dream and maybe one day i can make one of this baby to enjoy.Thanks please email me if you have any info.Bill_723@hotmail.com

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    Just an idle observation here…

    Knowing little about powerboats, but quite a bit about wings, that fancy F1 style wing has to be for show surely. Downforce is the last thing you’d need on the aft end of such a craft – would be far better suited to the front!

    Still, style sells, I guess.

    Quick take-up on that one Peter - well done!
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