Need Help Designing a Steering/autopilot setup.

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by snowbirder, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    I need some help from those with recent knowledge of steering systems.

    Richard Woods once suggested to me to use push/pull cable steering to control the ruders on my catamaran.

    This was a great suggestion, imo.

    I would like to use a dual cable system. One push/pull cable for each rudder, both originating from the helm unit.

    Each cable will protrude through the hull near the rudder and attach to small tiller arms on the rudder posts, outdoors, down on the transom steps for each hull.

    I also require an auto helm unit, naturally. This unit should work with the dual cable steering system.

    I believe this leaves me with the choice of a Raymarine wheel pilot or a relative newcomer from Canada called Octopus. Raymarine physically turns the wheel. Octopus mounts inside the dash area and moves the push/pull cable.

    I need to order a steering system asap.

    Any suggestions on exaxtly what to get? Which auto pilot would be best and which cable steering system would be best?
  2. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Seastar said they can't do it!

    Calling Richard Woods.... Any idea what brand you were suggesting??

    Also, can anyone suggest alternative, low cost steering systems?

    I need urgent help as we are launching in 8 weeks!
  3. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Can anyone please help me??

    Boat launches in 7 weeks and I don't know what to do about steering.
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    Fanie Fanie

    I also like the idea of using a push-pull cable. One way to protect the movement of the cable from force is to make a clutch from neo magnets on the motor as a coupling, just use a couple of GPS's instead of a compass. I don't know any makes, I make my own using a rack and pinion, but Manie bought one, see this thread He should be able to help.

  5. snowbirder

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    Thanks. I did get the Uflex tech support to help e select the proper dual cable system.

    I am down to using a wheel autopilot if it has no feedback. If it does have feedback, I can use a standard linear actuated, below decks auto pilot.
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