Need help choosing an engine! Yanmar/Volvo Penta/Vetus?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Edem, Apr 16, 2021.


Which engine manufacturer would you recommend?


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  1. comfisherman
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    comfisherman Senior Member

    I have a di13 scania, purchased as it was the only wet turbo engine with a good degree of modularity in the space at the time. The john deere in equivalent size had less units in circulation and less auxiliary ports. Cat had dropped the c12 and had not yet released the new c12 that is a fpt? Based motor.

    I dont like the Cummins engines between the 8.3 and the 19 liter. The qsm11 and new 15 liter still rely on dry turbos and years of dealing with long term use of dry turbos has me not like them so much. Especially in a higher load application. 22m and 45,000kg at 12 knots is going to be loading a 12 liter main, and taxing the smaller class mains.

    Cat still makes legacy engines for export markets, not sure if Russia is considered that or not. But a 3406 while not as modern or fuel efficient is a heck of a motor.

    Scania has treated me well, parts are about cat priced, not as good as cummins but serviceable. Definitely some sticker shock as to new price.

    As to the Chinese Cummins, I've seen 2x 5.9 and 2x8.3 Chinese Cummins in service. The 5.9s seemed like decent copies, the 8.3s had bad castings and didn't allow for easy replacement of pumps, seemed like parts were not as interchangeable.

    Curios as to the design requirements for 12 knkts. I know of one similar sized catamaran that had 12.5 liter luggers and did 11 with a 16knot top end.
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  2. Edem
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    Edem Junior Member

    Tell me please, where you can clarify this information in the specification?
    Here is the specification of Cummins NTA855-M400 engine

    Dry turbos - is this the specificity of all turbine plants powered by Cummins engines?
    Have you seen the Cummins NTA855-M400 engines and what is their build quality? Maybe you know the history of operating such engines?

    I don't know anything at all about FPT Industrial SpA products. Their divas look interesting. Do you think they are worth exploring? Have you seen them at work and do they have any childhood illnesses?
  3. comfisherman
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    comfisherman Senior Member

    The 855 is a good engine. Its water jacket turbo cooled. We haven't been able to buy a new one in the usa for a new build since the early 2000s. They were good reliable motors, and at 400 hp should provide an ample life.

    The c 12 (12.7 liter cat) is not actually a car per se but a cat badged and supported motor. Caterpillar proper dropped all marine engines under 18 liters for domestic usa sales in 2009. As such they paired up for the smaller side with various other oem manufacturers. I would shy away from them. If you cannot find workers capable of basic alloy welding it's a slim chance a mechanic with capable of tier 3 and 4 engines exists in your location.

    The enemy of diesel engines in boats is heat. Wager jacket turbos do a better job of managing heat, in practicality it means a more trouble free life of the product. The qsm 11 cummins was a very popular motor here to replace the aging Detroit diesels. After a few years they started to break down and very quickly developed a reputation for turbo related issues. Over time it's become apparent that a water cooled turbo in a heavy vessel leads to a longer overall life span.

    Us emissions policy is such that high temp exhausts burn diesel particles better, so engine companies like cummins are pursuing dry turbos as a solution. Essentially a solution that's also a problem.

    If russia allows the installation of 855s with no emissions, that would be a good start. If cat is easier to find parts for its counterpart was the 3406. It did right around 400 at 1800 rpm.

  4. baeckmo
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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    Edem, I think that the IVECO engines are available in Russia, they have engines in the power range you need, and I think they were/are even produced under license in Russia. They have a good reputation for commercial duty. When selecting engines, also check that they can be served along the route or in your operating zone.
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