Need help! (best 20 oz carpet?)

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Skeeter1959, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Skeeter1959
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    Skeeter1959 New Member

    I just rebuilt my skeeter bass boat down to last project looking for the best 20 oz carpet where can I order it from ?:confused:
  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Carpet on boat soles has kept me in business for years, so if you want to replace whatever you've just fixed, just put down some carpet, it will not take all that long.

    Most fabric stores sell indoor/outdoor carpet. JoanAnn Fabrics is a big chain, but it can be had most places, even Wal-Mart.
  3. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    All the big box home improvement stores such as Home Depot will have a good selection.
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