Need advise on what's next for my repair

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by hcontreras, Jul 27, 2008.

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    I have done this lay up repair myself with Polyester resin and glass cloth. The lay up is just below the surface of the gel coat. I have done this to allow the application of my finishing surface.

    My question is: what would be the best way to finish this? Some people have told me that a small application of marine tex as small filler for minor imperfections (then sand), then apply gel coat. Others say no need for marine tex, just apply gel coat over the repair as is....

    An additional question: is there anything I must do before applying any of the above fishing coats? I have already cleaned the area thoroughly with Acetone.

    One last thing: does gel coat have to be spayed on? Or is there another application for us novices that do not have the gear for a spray on application?


    Below is what the area looked like before I started:

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    no u dont have to spray, but u will find the finshing alot easy with spray, what you can do is get some mylar or heavy gauge tinfoil fill the repair with gelcoat and lay the mylar or tinfoil over the area once cured the surface will be somewhat flat and you will need to block it down with sandpaper going up to 800 or so and polish, some people will say go as high as 2000 anyway.
    if you want to spray buy a prevail its a disposable aerosol which you can spray what ever you want,home depot should carry it or your fiberglass shop should have it, for most repairs i like to spray a coat of gel and use it as a primer as there are always a chit load of pinholes this way you will see all of them ,fill them in with a little bit of gelcoat, how i do this is with a tooth pick while the primer gel is still wet just by wetting the tip of the toothpick and sticking it into the pinhole you will need to whobble it in the hole a little bit, once this is done thn i spray the the area with a coat of waxed gel coat,
    let her cure and then sand the gel with some 120 and shoot your top coat, sand and polish and your done
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    Looks like you have a few small dry areas, but it's a nice patch for a newbie. Anywhere you want to brush on gelcoat, sand at least an inch outside the patch with 400 or 600-grit paper. Don't allow any of your new gelcoat to touch SHINY (unsanded) old gelcoat. Cleaning the surface with acetone is fine.

    What's that long white strip - the one that looks like a bump-out? Is that loose 'glass? If so, remove it. You can use Marine Tex or Bondo to recreate the bump.

    If you apply the gelcoat thick enough, you won't need filler underneath.
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