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Discussion in 'Materials' started by customvs, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Hi all. Just about to start my first Fibreglass rebuild. I have built mnay aluminium boats before, and this is my first glass boat. I have a Half cabin Coxcraft Calypso, and am making a estuary style tournament boat with lockers,kill and live tanks,centre console, No cabin, and lots of storage. Im pretty handy with my hands, and cant wait to start. I've been researching materials and methods for weeks now, but have heaps of conflicting info and am a little stuck on what to use for what particular jobs. I thought id come here and ask, due to it being a specific boat building page. Im also in Australia, So if i could get names of aussie avialable stuff, that would be great. Im pretty well stuck in a small rural town, and as far as shopping wise, dont have much. I have a local Chandelery the pro boats use, which supplies all the fibreglass,resin and glues, so i'm sweet there, everything else im basically limied to Bunnings,local timber yard or Ebay. Can anyne help me identify the materials i need for the questions below.

    What Glue/resin/epoxy is best for gluing new stringers and any structural timber eg seat frames,cast deck frames etc into place against the cleaned hull ???

    What timber is best to use for the stringers ? and what timber is best to use for making other structural framework ?

    What Timber and glue is best to use on building a new transom ? Stnadard ply or Marine Ply ? , and what glue to glue the transom pieces together and then glue to apply it to the hull ?

    Whats the Aussie recipe for peanut Butter with Aussie ? bunnings available products ?

    Any ideas how to go about building new gunwhales ? shaping them etc ? type of timber ? and ideas to attach and glass in cleanly ?

    Hope thats not to much to ask. they are my most pressing questions.

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    Hey mate - Australias a big place - you are going to have to say a bit closer to where you are building to get any useful advice.
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    And when you say "best" what aspect of it are you referring to?

    The very best products and methods can be costly and time consuming, plus some materials may be tough to find in some regions.

    Most of what you're doing doesn't require the best products, just adequate ones, your attention to detail is far more important.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What design are you building, method type and rough budget are you dealing with?
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