Naval Architecture calculations with AutoCAD

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    The Fundación Ingeniero Jorge Juan (FIJJ) (*) is an autonomous and independent entity whose main purpose the promotion of all types of educational and scientific activities aimed at developing and adapting the academic and graduate of the Naval and Ocean Engineers and other professionals to the needs and demands, present and future in Maritime Sector.
    The FIJJ has a virtual classroom in which online courses of diverse subjects are taught:
    Between 24 February and June 9, 2015, with an estimated 120 hours duration, the course is taught:
    Naval Architecture calculations with AutoCAD.ARQN :
    This course aims to teach the participant in the management of a tool that will allow him to perform all calculations of naval architecture in the AutoCAD environment.
    Aimed at any professional who is working or in the future have to work performing naval architecture calculations (regardless of his degree).
    In the first part of this course the student is taught to build AutoCAD 3D models of any type of hull and with them, within the AutoCAD environment, to perform calculations of naval architecture.
    The second part of the course instructs students in the use of ARQN software to perform these calculations and performs calculations of an entire project.
    Any comments or suggestions are welcome and from here we will try to answer your questions. Thank You.

    (*) FIJJ is an entity created by the Spanish Naval Architects and Engineers Association
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