naval architect needed for 60' circumnav tri

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by guppy, May 14, 2007.

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    In addition to pay, you'll get excellent press in 1.4 million copies of a prominent magazine. I'm finishing my initial drawings and weight and materials spreadsheet and need to work with a naval architect/professional engineer for calculations and design. I've designed and built a 90' aluminum charter cat before, so I have experience. This one is an extremely skinny, light, aluminum tri, 60'x30', 6500 lbs, with tiny living space, two masts. I'm under a very tight deadline, building the boat and doing the trip for a high-circulation magazine, so I have to have the hull and rigging ready for an initial test sail by September 15, then I can add systems and equipment and do more test sails before leaving on the circumnavigation Dec 15. Despite how it might sound, this isn't a stupid, fly-by-night project. I have 40,000 miles offshore, a 200-ton license, have built before, am also a bestselling author and professor, etc. I need an architect who is going to focus on the task, can spend some hours right away, this week or next, and not lecture me about how my project is unconventional.
    It could be fun, for the right architect.
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    Hi David,
    I may spend some time on your tri during this week and the next. Please contact me if interested, and let me know exactly what you need.

    Paolo Bisol
    Cannes - France
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    Please send your email address

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