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Which part of the leisure marine market will be affected by COVID-19 crisis most negatively?

  1. Production boats under 1 million EUR in value

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  2. Superyachts & Tenders over 150 million EUR in value

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  3. Luxury Motor Yachts below 5 million EUR in value

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    ADV Yachts Monaco

    Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering for motor yachts and powerboats.
    We handle design, calculations and CFD analysis for planning and high speed hulls.
    Strong background in fully custom built Superyacht tenders as well as serial (production) boats.

    We are specializing in Bentley Maxsurf, Solidworks & Rhino and provide a complete spectrum of analysis such as design analytics, hull design, weight estimation, stability, performance/resistance calculations and structural scantling.

    Marine Engineering services covers a full complete set of activities such as production analytics, structural engineering and engineering of systems, 3D modeling, production design & production drawings, mould design (both one-off and production moulds), procurement management, etc.

    Working closely with yacht designers, we are playing a key role in the project by being a secure link between the client's requirements, design features and manufacturing technologies.

    We are specializing in both composite and aluminium structures.

    Software skill set:
    • Bentley Maxsurf
    • ISO Scantling
    • Rhinoceros
    • SolidWorks
    • AutoCAD and others.
    Get in touch for more details.
    ADV Yachts Website
    ADV Yachts Facebook
    ADV Yachts Instagram
    ADV_YACHTS_2020_020.jpg ADV_YACHTS_2020_018.jpg ADV_YACHTS_2020_009.jpg
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    Don't see any names/qualifications of designers and naval architects working for you. Are robots doing all the design work? ;)
    Marine design is about people and their capabilities. Not just about renderings and advertisement...
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  3. middlemarinedub
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    You are absolutely right ;)
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