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    *U.S. Citizenship required for this opportunity*

    I am a recruiter with a technical staffing firm in Baltimore, MD. A client I work with has an active position available for a Naval Architect with around 10+ years of experience. This position could be handled on a "contract to permanent" or "direct hire" basis.

    Our client is an established engineering and fabrication firm that has been in business for over 20 years with 2 more field offices in additon to the Baltimore location. Marine projects include Hydrofoils, Crafts for World Travel, Unmanned Systems, and various other Marine and Land projects.

    Please forward an MS Word formatted resume, including salary requirements, to my e-mail address below if there is interest in this opportunity.

    Thank you,

    Brian Hay
    Sr. Staffing Coordinator
    Synerfac Technical Staffing
    20 Wight Ave. Suite 160
    Hunt Valley, MD 21030
    Phone: 410-667-3949
    Fax: 410-667-3950
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