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Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by Timetogo, Jan 1, 2020.

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    This is my project unknown age or who knocked it up, engine us an F6 Clae Fisherman with FNR gearbox, she has been inland in the dry for 15 years, engines had work I know nothing bout the Clae im tempted to flick it and drop a Honda stationary motor into it, if the Clae runs and is reliable ill keep it, hull is unique has raised foredeck, Im thinking a cabin forward, ill strip the hull, recaulk and repair but shes solid the stem is enormoys for a boat her size, she needs everything done, total refit, love to know about the Clae last made 1950, or if anyone has any insight re hull itself id love to hear from you.

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    Try here,

    Old Marine Engine

    Old Marine Engine: Clae/Simplex, more info required.

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    I seem to vaguely remember that the Clae engine used to have the old lawnmower problem of when they got hot, and you stopped, they would not re-start till cooled down a bit. The issue was allegedly the ignition magneto. Maybe a problem that came with age.
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