Multihulls finally allowed into the Newport-Bermuda Race

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    sure took the 'conservative sailing community' a long time to finally recognize multhulls...:eek::rolleyes:

    Multihulls in for Newport Bermuda 2018

    (March 27, 2017) - The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) have announced the 2018 edition of the Newport Bermuda Race will, for the first time, be open to multihulls.

    Commodore Jim Binch of the Cruising Club of America, Commodore Leatrice Oatley of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and Race Chairman Jonathan Brewin issued a joint statement:

    “We are very pleased after careful study and consideration of the unique and challenging characteristics of our race to welcome multihulls of 58 feet and longer.”

    Some of the “unique and challenging” characteristics that the Commodores and Chairman refer to are that the race crosses the Gulf Stream; the race is sailed principally offshore beyond coastal rescue resources; the race is generally a tight reach (i.e. not a downwind race).

    Addressing further these issues Commodore Binch stated:

    "We take safety very seriously. The Cruising Club of America committees have studied the issues exhaustively. Our Technical and Safety committees have been communicating with experienced owners and leading multihull designers. I am pleased with their recommendations for this historic first inclusion."

    It is anticipated that there will be 10-15 multihulls on the starting line in June of 2018 if not more. Appropriate classes will be made within the multihull division, separating high performance, performance-cruising and cruising multihulls, using a new VPP-based rating system from the ORA called ORR-MH.

    Crew requirements for multihulls will be separate from normal Bermuda Race requirements and will require all crew to have completed a significant race or passage and 100% of crew attending "hands-on safety-at-sea" seminars.

    The 51st Newport Bermuda Race is scheduled to start on Friday, June 15, 2018:
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