multi-tool Pocket clip key holder invention for boat

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    Swisse tech already have a key ring multi tool with a small led torch.

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    I traveled from Thailand to Hong Kong recently with the Little Bit More multi tool in my laptop bag aboard plane and had no problems, but when in Hong Kong I doubled back to the out going flights gate way and showed the security officers the Little Bit More and asked them if there is any problems with carrying on board the airplane, their answer was "not sure" and took the Little Bit More to show their supervisor and came back 5 minutes later and said, no its not allowed because it has a screw driver end although harmless.
    If the Little Bit More was attached to zipper on computer bag or clothing you would have no troubles or the odds are you would be ok if said nothing like I was when traveling from Thailand to Hong Kong but in reality the answer is
    it could be confiscated and made that very clear on the Kick starter comments when I sold several thousand Gr 5 titanium Little Bit More multi tools on that project in 30 days that ended two weeks ago.

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