Moving the head on a Fortier 26

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by TechieTechie, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Hi all...

    I am in the hunt for a downeaster, and I've narrowed it down to 3..a Dyer 29, a Fortier 26 and a Cape Dory 28. Need your help..the Dyer has the right layout (enclosed head) but is a little rolly and bigger than I need. The Cape Dory is great layout (and usually cheaper than the Dyer) except it's slower than a turtle (and thirsty for a DE). The Fortier is the a faster and more fuel efficient boat, but the head is at the foot of the Vberth, just forward of the small cabinet (you can't really see it in this picture, except for the small teak accent strip on the vberth sides.

    26 Fortier

    Fortier 26 | Fortier Boats, Inc.

    I'm wondering if I could move the head into the spot where one of the cabinets currently resides....and either fully enclose (preferably) or enclose with a curtain. Happy to convert to a porta pottie if it makes it easier for the move (as I would like to keep the sink). Thoughts?


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    Anything is possible if you throw enough time and money at it.

    Boat mfgs. design their layouts to maximize the specifications (No. of berths, cubic feet of cabin space, etc.) they can claim on the marketing brochure and to appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers, not necessarily what is the most practical in operation or when people have differing priorities. They also strive to build at the cheapest cost possible, which sometimes overrides the above.
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    Thanks James, I saw it today, and the cabin is just too small...move the head or not. It's out. Down to my final 2, a CD 28 or a Dyer 29. Thanks!
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