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Moulds for important GRP Work Boats constructions

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by comandantevittoremannazzu, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. comandantevittoremannazzu
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    comandantevittoremannazzu New Member

    Dear Sirs

    I am Comandante Vittore Mannazzu, founder with his Family of Orsa Maggiore Shipyard Italy
    since 33 years in lucky productions of Special Work Boats.(See our Web:www.orsa-maggiore.com)
    The "Time" has passed also for me, and I retired...so we are looking for younger "Entepreneurs"
    who wish to continue our lucky productions of GRP important WORK BOATS from 10 to 15 meters,
    fulfilling the very many request of our Special Work Boats from Worldwide Markets.
    Our Moulds can produce the following important typologies of work boats :
    Professional Pilot Boats with "New NELSON" Moulds Loa 12 - 13 - 14 meters
    Professional Pilot Boats with "Port Pilots" Moulds Loa 11 meters
    Professional Fishing Boats:Loa 1o meters
    Professional Fishing Boats: Loa 12 -13,50 - 15 meters
    Hidrografic Boats: Loa 12 - 13,50 - 15 meters
    Crew Boats: Loa 12 - 13,50 - 15 meters
    Passenger Boats *LOVE BOAT*:Loa 12 -13,50 - 15 meters
    and many Others...
    If interested to purchaise one or more Moulds of your interest please contact us at:
    At your diposal for any further detailed Infos of the Moulds of your interest.-
    Kindest Regards from Italy
    Comandante Vittore Mannazzu
    Mobile 0039.335.6223270
    Orsa Maggiore Shipyard
    Zona Industriale
    Porto Torres

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