Morison element modeling for Radiation-Diffraction analysis in Ansys AQWA.

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    For a student project related to the 'Radiation-Diffraction' analysis of a floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) foundation, I need some help with Ansys AQWA. I am working with a semi-submersible foundation that has three vertical columns (12 m dia) which are interconnected by bracings (0.5 m dia), and at the bottom of each column there are heaving plates. My question is:
    1. How to model bracings as Morison element in Ansys Design Modeler (DM)/Ansys AQWA?
    2. How to define heaving plates as 'Disk element'?
    3. How to produce a mapped panel mesh from (surface) geometry in Ansys AQWA?
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