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    Hi All,
    We are coming to an end in our boat's building. I am about to install the mooring devices on the boat but I could not give the decision about where to locate the bitts.How many bitts would you suggest me to use on our 62' motoryacht and where do I have to locate them.Especially the bow bitts, do they have to be collinear with the windlass or to be located at a fronter point?Thanks in advance
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    The vessel will be secured to a dock or anchor system to the bitt.

    The windlass , no matter the size is to retrieve the ground tackle , not to secure the vessel.

    IF chain is used a "Chain stopper" will be deck mounted in front of the windlass to hold the vessel when anchored with chain.

    We have found great use to just lay the hardware in place , and use a set of light lines to see how the mooring , anchoring , and alongside lines will lay.

    A mock up .

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