Modifying Oyster SJ-35

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Peter Quinn, Sep 26, 2011.

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    I am the proud owner of an Oyster SJ-35 mod. The keel was modified in 1988 with a Steven Jones designed keel bulb (I am told it is the bulb design that became standard on many SJ designs in 1989), and the IOR pinch was partially filled in to aid handling and flow.
    FLYER has a great race history on the Great Lakes and is now on the Chesapeake. As she sits at the pier, she looks to be 2-3 deg bow down trim, and I discovered in a 52kt gail this summer, when the boat is race light, she wants to plow. (This was not the case when she was loaded for delivery sailing offshore in 15ft waves.)
    My desire is two fold.
    1. I would like to increase downwind/high surf sea keeping.
    2. I would like to make her competitive against the Chesapeake A2 devision. \

    My initial thought is to follow the lead of the west coast former IOR PENDRAGON II, which was modified by Bravura Yachts Inc - The Refit of the Pendragon II by Leif Beiley

    I am a naval architect by schooling, however, do not work professionally in the field. I would like to make an attempt at designing the mods myself, however, I have yet been able to acquire the original line.

    If you have experience with modifying IOR race boats and can part with your lessons learned, or have suggestion, please post. Thank you.
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