Modern Multifunction Family Dinghy?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by snapon, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. snapon
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    snapon New Member

    I am searching for the optimum design to build a modern family dinghy that can be used for sailing, fishing and crabbing, camp cruising, etc.

    Similar in concept to these:

    Must easily take 4 adults sailing or fishing in safety and handle bay and coastal swell and choppy sea states. I envisage it to have reasonable freeboard and foredeck to protect from taking in water over when in a choppy sea.

    A planing hull with V-shape bottom. Able to take outboard motor with enough horsepower to get on the plane with 4 adults.

    Want to keep the boat and rig light. Not looking for old traditional clinker with gaff rig. Might make from ply or composite.

    Want a simple modern low maintenance sailing rig. Probably with unstayed mast or will use synthetic standing rigging and carbon mast.

    Seems to me the GIG Harbour Maine Lobster boat design aligns most to this concept, but there might be other designs out there ?

    Any suggestions?
  2. philSweet
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    philSweet Senior Member

    If you want to routinely take four, you are a bit on the small side. Any of those could take four out on a mill pond, but they are really only two person boats.

    The CS 20 would be better. If less than 19', it should be a pram bowed vessel. Figure 600 pounds empty minimum. Getting it up on a plane means bigger yet if you still want to sail.

    I'm thinking a 22' with a Yamaha 40. Crab traps are heavy. Getting a boat to handle a heavy load in a chop pulling traps and still plane and sail well is a chore. You should basically be looking at high semi-planing speeds of about 15 knots with a 40 hp motor, and you can still sail and go to sea in it.

    Crabbing boats don't have reasonable freeboard, just good pumps.

    Small sailboats won't plane out with four aboard.

    A better option is a four person 20' camp cruiser with a five hp kicker and a 17' trap boat with a 40. Cheaper than an all in one.

    Take a look at the Selway-Fischer website.

    I did all you want, but only two up, in a 16' pram-bowed home built. Often went out with four, but no planing then. Carried up to a hobie 16 rig cut down a bit, for sport sailing, or a turboed Snipe rig, or a Yamaha 25 for crabbing and no mast. Had the boat for 25 years, it was nothing if not versatile. You need to decide what speed you can accept. 16 knots is basically a nogo as you have described your wishes. 14 - maybe. 12 knots, yeah, I think you can do that and all the rest in a really sound boat.
  3. Squidly-Diddly
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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    I had similar idea in thread while back. I think I called it a 'universal sport boat' or similar.

    Sail, motor, row.

    Part of it was to use a single shape approx 1X5 ft X 1" thick as twin dagger boards, benches, outriggers, spud poles, gang plank and two level cargo/deck.

    this 19' Transalt based hull catboat looks like it might be close to my
    idea for hybrid high performance sailing dingy and speed boat.

    I didn't notice any rave reviews by the builder of how good it sails, maybe I'll try to get in touch and ask.

    But how would a hull like this do with 25hp or more outboard, with either heavy or light load and in smooth or not so smooth water?

    Sorry about the big cut&paste.

    The boat is said to be 19' long by 7' wide at the stern and "arrowhead shaped".

    For my part, I'm trying to come up with a "universal sport and work boat", able to either sail fast for fun and economy or motor at low planing speeds with an outboard.

    My original thread on the about a 25hp outboard on a planing sailing dingy?

    Here is the original link from WoodenBoat about various non-pro designed and built boats....
  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Welcome to the forum.

    Agreed the three choices you've selected are a wee bit small for your needs. 4 adults, an outboard, the ability to plane off with them aboard, camp cruising and enough room to carry the gear for this, suggest a bigger boat.

    The CS-20 is an option and will do well in this regard. Dix has some other designs that are suitable, though getting a boat wholesome enough to camp cruise, but also capable of planing, will be a difficult task (the two requirements clash). The CS-20 accomplishes this by being a performance oriented boat first, developed for the EC race, that also happens to have enough room for the other requirements.

    There are literally hundreds of design in this size range, so do continue your search.
  5. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

  6. snapon
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    snapon New Member

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Have previously built a B&B Spindrift S10 as a tender for our Azuli sailing cat.
    It has been a great little boat, but I need something bigger as general purpose fishing, crabbing and camping boat. In Aus most people get an Aluminium dinghy (Tinnie) for this purpose, but these do not appeal to me at all.

    I like the Core Sound but thought it looked a bit narrow, and may not be able to take a big enough OB motor for my fishing and crabbing needs. Also not sure how well the Cat Ketch rig points to windward under sail.

    I liked aspects of the GH Lobster Boat, because it looked like it could take a bigger OB motor and plane quicker, but might be a bit small for 4 people.
    Would be interesting to compare sailing performance of Core Sound vs the GH Lobster Boat.

    Will probably only be 2 people plus gear when camp cruising but up to 4 people when fishing in sheltered waterways.

    I have found all boats are a compromise, am just trying to find the best compromise for my needs.
  7. motorbike
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    motorbike Senior Member

    Get the biggest boat you can comfortably launch and tow. Size is everything!

  8. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Both the CS-17 and 20 will plane off quickly and need a smaller engine to do so.
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