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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by rapscallion, Mar 17, 2015.

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    I finally got around to reading Marchaj's research into the crab claw sail, and it was really interesting. I have heard people tried to duplicate his work and couldn't, but I couldn't really find much on the topic. I was wondering if anyone knew of a modern day outrigger equipped with a crabclaw sail that seemed quite fast when compared to a beach cat.
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    I do not know much about crabclaw rigs, save basics, but when it comes to tacking boats, I think that Warren Seaman's Malibu Outrigger adaptation of that iconic sail is very underrated. Add a small jib and a whole new horizon appears. Add carbon spars and free foot (of necessity) and the rig looks to be the best of many worlds for efficient simple fun. Frankly, IMHO, the design is far better than the lateen rig which seems more or less a shunting application, although the goose neck is a bit more complicated.

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