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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by willfox, Aug 20, 2009.

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    I have been looking into designing a modern classic as I am inspired by the designs both modern and classic from Sparkman and Stephens. I am currently researching production line manufacturers who offer these modern classic style yachts but they don’t seem to be in abundance. So far I have only managed to find Morris yachts, (really Sparkman and Stephens designed) and Suffolk UK based Spirit yachts. I am aware that many of these designs may be 'one offs' but can anyone point me in the direction of any others? :?:
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    As of late Hinckley yachts has gotten better known for their power boats, but they also produce a line of "classic" looking sailboats.
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    Thats great! Thanks so much guys :)
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    The olympic champion Complex II under restoration. Designed by Arvid Laurin. Sailed by Britton Chance Sr, the man who started to twist the mainsail (according to a 70years old participant in the latest 5.5 World's).

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    And another one: Cornish (formly British Hunter) Mystery 35
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    My vote for the modern classic still in production? Contessa 32.

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    I have been searching for a similar style of yacht. I currently own an IOD (International One Design) which is a lovely old boat (build 1946) but has no head/galley/berths and is entirely a day racing boat. I want something of a similar vein, but with accommodations. This lead me to Spirit Yachts.

    A few months ago I travelled to Europe and the UK to sail aboard two of the Spirit-46 model boats - they are wonderful. The workmanship is fabulous and the sailing characteristics are amazing. We were sailing on the Solent just off Cowes in 30k of breeze with the full sized symmetrical chute up and hitting 14k through the water. While we had a few control problems when I reached up to an apparent wind angle of 100 degrees, the boat was perfectly wonderful when kept down around 170 degrees. It is a fine sailing boat. Similarly, sailing in France in 12k of wind, warm water, clear skies, really endeared the boat to my girlfriend.

    I'd strongly recommend these boats - you could do a LOT worse.


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    May also search Hoek designs.
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