Modern 350 Marinizing

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by LMannyR, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Wasn't me.


    The point I wanted to make is that boat bits aren't nearly as mysterious or special as "boat guys" want everyone to believe. Use the recommended and approved ignition/carburetion/charging system's a good idea.

    But nonsense about *special* pushrods/connecting rods/pistons/etc. only makes things more confusing for a DIY-er that just wants to swap an engine.

    It's a bunch of nuts and bolts holding a bunch of extremely ordinary parts together.

    Boat guys that seem to want oh-so-much believe otherwise should just post some verifiable real information about the specific parts they're referring to. Post up some of the *special* part numbers and I guarantee there will be plenty of replies showing how special those parts aren't. Just be honest about it. Posting up something special that's available isn't what I'm talking about.....because it's irrelevant. Let's pretend we're talking about a run-of-the-mill common long block, like a boat owner with a worn out engine or engine with a cracked block would be looking to replace his or her engine with.

    I'm not saying it's all a conspiracy or completely intentional. I'm sure a huuuuuge factor is probably years of working just on marine stuff, with others that have done the same.....and having had the *boat engines is special* concept repeated until it just, well.....stuck.

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