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Discussion in 'Software' started by Brands01, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Can anyone tell me how to model / save parts in freeship?
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    I am not an expert user of Freeship but am happy with the speed at which I can create nice looking parts. For me it is easier to use than AutoCad for producing rendered 3D images.

    If I just want to make a part I open Freeship and delete the default boat. I use the Add Cylinder command to add new surfaces and go from there. You can then save the file as an fbm or export the part as a .part or other CAD format.

    The attached hub.part is very simple. Just two cylinders with the ends connected.

    I have provided a prop file in both the fbm and part format. I generated the blade surface as a coordinate text file using Excel and imported it as Surface to Freeship.

    There is also a quick image of a small gearbox. The dimensions are accurate but I did not complete the detail. It looks fine when it is shaded in.

    I find the Transform menu is very handy when you are making parts. Would also recommend that you make individual parts and then assemble them into more complex assemblies rather than just building complexity into a single file. It gets very time consuming to manage the layers.

    I would be interested to get other hints on this topic. It would be nice if it could import other 3D formats.

    Rick W.

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    Olav arch. nav.

    As I'm a bit in a hurry, just in short form here:

    1. File --> New
    2. Set number of longitudinal and horizontal points to 2
    3. Probably adjust length, beam, and draft to roughly the size of your part to be made
    4. Click "OK"
    5. Model your part right the way you'd model a hull
    6. When done: File --> Export
    7. Select "Part" in the list that appears
    8. Input file name of your choice
    9. Click "Save"

    To use the part with your hull:

    1. Open your hull file
    2. File --> Import
    3. Select "Part"
    4. Open the *.part file you've just created
    5. Position your part at the desired place on your hull by using Transform --> Move

    Hope this helps...

  4. Brands01
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    Thanks very much guys! Exactly what I was after! :)
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