Mobile Water based clinic. Solution for health care on African waterways.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by PMDT83, Feb 4, 2010.

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    That sounds feasible.

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    To stay with his original request, a boat similar to a 24 ft. carolina skiff,a large fiberglass flatbottom with a large weight capacity and shallow draft. Add a four stroke outboard with prop protecter and jackplate and you are good to go just about anywhere with decent speed andfuel consumption. The marine lab here has one for training students and they use it for shallow bays to gulf of mexico. Another possibility is the Mexican Panga design. This is possibly one of the toughest most versatile boats I have ever seen. Huge load capacity, good stability, able to go very shallow or handle rough water. The mexican fishermen here drive them wide open through the surf onto the beach, then drag them up sand spin them around and relaunch straight into the surf. Another, option is an airboat hull. I have one with an outboard on it. Deep , wide hull, shallow draft, and almost indestructable heavy guage aluminum.
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    We recently delivered our first floating medical clinic to the River State of Nigeria. We have manufactured specialty vehicles for 25+ years and have now expanded our offerings to floating units. The project presented it's challenges but we are very happy with the end result- as is the client. Our offerings address each specific, unique situation/application and are not a one size fits all type of solution. We work with several types of platforms and address all budget guidelines.

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