Mix and Match Power-Resistance for Tug-Barge

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    Dear all,


    I would make a table that summarized between tug boat power and barge towed deadweight for this range :

    a. Range of tug boat length : 23 metres, 26 metres, and 29 metres
    b. Range of tug boat power :
    2 x 450 BHP
    2 x 500 BHP
    2 x 650 BHP
    2 x 850 BHP
    2 x 1000 BHP
    2 x 1100 BHP
    2 x 1200 BHP
    c. Range of coal barge towed :
    230 feet (3500 DWT)
    240 feet (4000 DWT)
    270 feet (5500 DWT)
    300 feet (7500 DWT)
    330 feet (10000 DWT)
    365 feet (12000 DWT)

    From that range, I would like make a table that summarized between length of tug boat, tug boat power, and barge size towed

    I've try to using Maxsurf software. I create a barge model, calculate resistance at specific speed and draft, and calculate power requirement at specific propulsion efficiency.

    The result is not same as I refer to Propeller Handbook (Dave Gerr) Chapter 8 - Tugs and Trawlers.

    Methodology that I've used at Maxsurf software:
    1. Create barge model
    2. Calculate it resistance at specific draft and speed
    3. Create tug model
    4. Calculate it resistance at specific draft and speed
    5. Sum resistance of tug & barge at specific draft and speed ---> total EHP
    6. Calculate EHP --> DHP --> SHP --> BHP . I use total efficiency 40%

    but the result is not same with Propeller handbook

    Any idea how to calculate?I mean that can be a scientific formulation or any application formulation.
    Thanks in advance
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