Mitsubishi turbodiesel

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by yokebutt, Jun 14, 2005.

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    yokebutt Boatbuilder

    I'll post my query here too, has anyone used the mitsubishi 2.5 TD engine in a marine application? Is it any good? Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    I've checked the pricing for mercedes long-blocks, it's frightening reading, and the VW 2 liter is a fairly new engine, it's unlikely I'll find a used one.

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    I know for a fact they do not use American engines in Japanese built boats.
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    Yoke, I don't know about the Mitsu but if you could find a VW 1.9 TDI they are very good. Have one in my 2000 Jetta and it has been trouble free after 130K. I wonder if they make a marine conversion kit.

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