Minimizing Complexity and Cost Running Wires and Propane

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by snowbirder, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Yeah, that sounds at least arguable if necessary. Personally I'd consider it safe enough if there was no way for the propane to get inside.

    I don't agree with you WRT joins in the pipe, though, if you're hard-brazing the joints. Provided you have acceptable technique, the brazed joints *will not* leak, ever. If you're using lead-based solder fittings, it's time to stop doing that.

    I pressure test my joints before buttoning things up, I never trust that there's no pinhole. Just yesterday I found a leak in a brand new tank that, to add insult to injury, I paid to have made in order to speed up the building, and this is the second time. Hah. I'll fix it myself now, at least then I'll know who to blame....


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    I actually use flare fittings and leak test under pressure. If the lines are adequately clamped in place, these hold up nicely, in my experience.
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