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    Hi I am wanting to build a 10' sports boat suitable for a 25hp outboard.
    I still remember fondly the AquaLark I saw at our local boat show as a child, and now want a small, light and economical toy to take to the river anytime for a blast with the kids or just to cruise around or drop a line from. Our 17' V8 inboard ski boat isn't always practical when it's just the wife and kids, and the fuel to run it and tow it to the water is often prohibitive. Our children are still too small to ride our jetski so I like the idea of a small sports boat.
    I had the idea to just buy a used tinny, brace and strengthen it to handle a bigger-than-rated motor, and build a deck, floor and cockpit. Now I think it may be just better to build a boat from scratch. As I am far more comfortable working with metal than wood and have very little experience with fibreglass, I think aluminium would be the best option.
    What I want to know is; are there any plans or kits out there for this type of boat as I haven't had much luck searching so far, all I have found are small wooden speedboats built for 15hp max.
    Any help is appreciated, Thanks
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