Mini Cargo Ferry

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Doug Lord, Apr 25, 2019.

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    I'd be curious as to what the infusion/foam option costs. I was pretty set on building one of his designs, but the infusion designs' costs were just too much it seemed.
  3. rob denney
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    Thanks Doug.

    The infusion materials cost for the hulls, beams, unstayed carbon schooner rig, and rudders is about $5,500 assuming bulk materials prices. Consumables and paint are another $1,500, sails whatever you want to pay. The beams are ply and carbon, as it was cheaper than buying lumber. The tramp is (will be) recycled plastic slats, could be timber slats, solid deck or netting.

    Based on the 2/3 length (garage limitations) scale prototype, I would reduce the freeboard on a non cargo carrying version, which would have a corresponding reduction in the materials cost. I built the 2/3rds scale model from cheap ply/glass/epoxy boat so I would know what i was teaching the Marshallese and to play with the crab claw rig, leeboard and paddle steering. Materials were less than $2,000. would have been less again if it was infused. Despite being as simple a build as I could make it, it still required a fair bit of sticky, dusty work which the infused version wouldn't.

    I am visiting Papua New Guinea next week to check out setting up a build operation there for the local market. Once it is set up, this should be a low cost way of getting a completed foam/glass boat.

  4. Dejay
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    Just found this really nice video which has good footage and shows a bit of the build of the mini cargo ferry and the build operation and of the resulting boats:
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