Metallic Foams, Metallic Glasses

Discussion in 'Materials' started by venomousbird, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Wondering if anyone has ever looked into this idea? Plastic foams are fairly common as boat building materials, but I am interested in learning about different metallic foams for use as a framing material. I'm going to research bone formation and see if I can think of a novel way to apply this to structural design. Ideally, I am picturing a way of making an entire skeleton of an internal frame as one solid piece of conventional foam, and then impregnating it with metal until it is a solid form, perhaps with electroplating. A well designed foam will be much lighter and stronger than a solid.

    Also of interest is the concept of a metallic glass, which is formed by a specific method of cooling applied to a liquid metal that allows it to cool without first forming crystals, meaning that it remains a pseudo-liquid substance. This allows for double or triple the strength of conventional metals.

    I've read some of the threads here that advocate traditional designs only and say that it is essentially impossible to improve on what has already been done. This is total and utter nonsense. If everyone limited themselves like that, nothing would ever get done. Seems to me that a lot of people are just trying to protect their income and egos against new ideas. Revolutionary concepts are not a threat, but rather an opportunity, if they prove to be successful.

    Be afraid conventionalists!
    New and brilliant minds are tackling the problems that you deem unsolvable and making them work better than anything previously thought possible!
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