Metacentric Height - FREE!Ship or Michlet

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Guest625101138, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I produced a hull design in FREE!Ship and then exported the hull to Michlet.

    The hull is for a canoe so stability is marginal but very important. The GMT is critical. I want it to be at least 250mm.

    For the particular hull, FREE!Ship gives a value of 280mm while Michlet gives 197mm. Hence I have a dilemma.

    Does anyone have any idea which one is likely to be correct?

    Rick W.
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    Are you talking KM or GM? Freeship only gives KM (I think), as this is just a function of the geometry and is independent of mass distribution. At any rate I would suspect Freeship to be more accurate, if that is where the original model is produced. Are the two models sat at the same waterline? Your difference is quite big, so is not likely to just to due to inaccuracy in the calculation, there is probably something more fundamental.
    Sorry this is a bit incoherent - I'm typing as I'm thinking (both of which I struggle to do!).
  3. Guest625101138

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    KMT or GMT

    FREE!ship uses the acronym KMt.

    Michlet uses the acronym GMT.

    Both are described as the Transverse Metacentric Height.

    I would appreciate any light you can shed on the likely difference in derivation although they use the same description.
  4. fcfc
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    As far as I know, M is the metacentre. G, the center of gravity, and K the base of the Keel.

    GM = KM - KG.
  5. Guest625101138

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    YES!! - That makes sense now. The draught in Michlet is given as KG = 88mm.

    So the numbers add up. I should meet my stability requirement.

    Thank you fcfc.

  6. PI Design
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    Yup, that's right. But note, KG is not the same as draught (unless the centre of gravity is on the waterline).
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