Mercedes diesel 3.0 (126)

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by goodwilltoall, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Have an 85' SD300 (turbo charged) and bent front of frame so it might not be worth repairing. The engine is in excellent condition and just broke in so wondering what it would take to hook it up to a marine tranny. For that matter what is the procedure for doing this with any diesel.

    Have heard of special welded adapters (diy) in between and know kubota makes a standard adapter (forgot what they are actually called).

    Two more questions:
    1.) What tranny would you recommend for medium-heavy duty? Think engine is 70-80 HP.
    2.) Could I disassemble and do without the turbo?

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    I do recall an article somewhere about OM617 turbo marine conversions,google will tell you.

    As per hp,they will run forever at lower highway speeds.. say 40 hp. At 80 hp life will be less but at ~100 hours a year on a boat it should last for many years.

    It was designed to use the turbo,I'd leave it on.
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