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Discussion in 'Software' started by ltd93, Apr 29, 2016.

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    hello everyone!
    I using Maxsurf structure modul to design a fishing ship's structure. I have problems when try to add strigers on the starboard ( which below the neutral (offset axis )). if I tick the symmetrical in Maxsurf modeler modul, it will offset the stringers through neutral axis. But i want to have different structure between starboard and port.
    Pleas, help me to solve problems. Thanks!

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    I'm sure MaxSurf allows you to define whether a reinforcement is symmetrical or it is not. Search the online help of the application.
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    That's right. By default if the underlying surface is symmetrical then the stringer will be symmetrical. However there is a check box in the Stringer Properties dialog box which allows you to turn off the symmetrical setting. Not however that you will need a asymmetrical surface in Maxsurf Modeler on which you can draw your asymmetrical stringers.
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