Maxsurf or Autoship

Discussion in 'Software' started by deej, Dec 16, 2005.


Maxsurf or Autoship

  1. Maxsurf & Hydromax

  2. Autoship & Autohydro

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  1. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    No, I wouldn't bother. Workshop exists so you don't need to model all the structure in Rhino.
  2. petlily
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    petlily Junior Member

    The autohydro manual is very simple and it doesn't help much, in my opinion. Better look for the program's help files and the sample files. That's how I learned it from the very beginning.

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    Modelling in Autoship

    Dear Masih,

    I am From Bangladesh. I am trying to model a ship from offset table using Autoship. I hope you can help me. How can i generate a ship hull from offset table with a construction precision (maxm 1 mm). I am waitng for your reply.
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