Maxsurf and plate development

Discussion in 'Software' started by sbeausol, Apr 17, 2009.

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    I've been working with a very simple hull design that I have successfully created in both delftship and maxsurf academic. I did it in both because I was using the free version of delftship and later learned I had little options for exporting the plates. Being in academia I looked to maxsurf academic, where I was able to recreate my hull design (if you can call it that). The hull i've modeled is super simple, has a flat bottom, a square transom, and simple developable sides. In maxsurf I modeled the entire structure with 2 surfaces. However, when I open it in the demo version of workshop it isn't simple for me to select the bottom for example and have it develop the desired plates since the sides/bottom are all one surface. Should I have designed the hull with separate surfaces for the side and bottom or is there is there a way that I am missing in which to develop multiple plates from a single surface? Is there a way to split surfaces?

    Any input is appreciated!

    Maxsurf file is attached

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    Sbeausol yes I think you will have to create two surfaces just bond them while you are working, if you are limited to the two surfaces don’t bother with the transom as it’s a flat surface anyway so you don’t have to have a developable surface. I would suggest you don’t use so many control point as it makes it hard to fair your lines, three or four should be plenty for this size boat, maybe not fourteen. I don’t know about the free version of delftship but old freeship 2.6 has got plate development, which will export, in DXF.
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