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    I have a technology, propulsion by outboard sail for which I claim a superior controls. The sail is ready, other details can be produced in a garage from scrap metal. I require a business oriented and aggressive person who will supply a fast monohull; just to lend no scratch to it. It should have retractable or removable keel, preferably with a cockpit near centre.
    II will render it the fastest, most comfortable and seaworthy
    Imagine waiting one day after America Cup start, catching up and passing them, you with hands in pockets, them hanging like monkeys overboard.
    One who will possess this technology will be the next Onasis in shipping, king of seven seas..The companies in similar business cannot match my experience and imagination.
    Yes, it can be copied or patent circumvent, but remember the story of Bill Gates. Many people can make OS better than Windows, but he was first, aggressive and captured the market. It will be difficult to displace him.
    This is an opportunity of Millenium
    Ask for more details.
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