Matlab and developable surfaces

Discussion in 'Software' started by mizzenman, Mar 19, 2007.

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    mizzenman Junior Member

    Hi. Been lurking here for a year and I’m impressed at the huge knowledge this place attracts.

    I’m designing a 6 x 1.3m hard chined hull using Matlab.

    Has anyone any knowledge about how to use Matlab to verify the develop ability of the panels?

    All the best:cool:
  2. Tim B
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    Tim B Senior Member

    There is a mass of pre-written CAD software around. Unless you want to develop your own systems and routines I DO NOT advise matlab for design purposes.

    Further to that, look at using C/C++ for development work. There are free development environments for Windows and Linux, as well as a free complier ( GNU C++ ).

    Matlab, as I'm sure you're aware is very good for testing ideas. It's not really fast enough for many jobs, bearing in mind that the last benchmark I did with Matlab, took 50 times longer on a P4 (about 2GHz I think) than it did in BBC Basic on a Strong-ARM RISCPC.

    Tim B.
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