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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a graduate marine engineer working in a shipping company but want to get a Master's degree by distance education (online) so that I can get into a naval architecture firm for ocean going vessels.

    My options are

    1) Master Of Science (Engineering Ocean engineering) from Virginia Tech which would cost around USD 44000

    2) Master of Maritime Engineering (Naval Engineering) from AMC this costs about AUD 30000

    I don't think its a good idea for me to leave my current employment and join a full time course, most full time post grads endup with student debt and no job and anyway doing it online would add another 2-3 years work experience which employers generally look for.

    Secondly online education is the way forward imho without a doubt with the super high costs of full time education, record unemployment and the advent of MOOCS and fully accredited Masters degrees being offered by ivy league universities ... its here to stay for sure ...and is the way forward

    Would appreciate if you guys could briefly check out the syllabus & give me your opinion of which course would be better in terms of learning ship design & securing a job with a naval architecture firm or a shipyard in the ship design dep.

    If that doesnt work out even a marine surveyor job with a class society would be ok though its not my first preference.

    Thanks all

    PS> If you know any better online degree courses please feel free to mention them
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