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    Hi everyone,

    I have recently obtained Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Zagreb, Croatia, with most of my study related to CFD and FEA analisys.
    I finished both, my bachelor, and my master course, with highest degrees, and as a top of a class student.
    My master thesis was based upon using CFD software to analyze various shapes of windsurfing boards, finding optimal shape in terms of drag and lift forces.
    I am proficient in using various CFD+meshing software (STAR-CCM+, Fluent+Gambit), FEA software (ABAQUS) and 3D modelling and drafting software (CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCAD).
    Also, I am passionate windsurfer and sailor, and it would be a dream to combine my passion (sailing boats) and my profession (CFD).

    So, I came here searching for opportunity to continue my career in field of ship hydrodynamics and fluid-structure interaction (preferably sailing boats, but as long as it is about boats it is good).
    I am willing to relocate if good opportunity arise. I am fluent in English language.

    For further information ,feel free to drop e-mail or private message.

    Luka Barbaca
    Sibenik, Croatia
    Skype: luka_barbaca
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