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    I would like to know if anyone has an idea on the ratio between custom designed and build boats (sailing yachts) and series production yachts.
    It's not too difficult to find data on absolut market sizes of a country but I d like to know how many custom designs are made say per year ..... any ideas....suggestions.... advice hints in the right direction.

    Perhaps even broken down to boatsizes

    I m particularly interested in everything up to say 20m not the superyacht stuff......

    Cheers and thanks in advance....

  2. apex1

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    Welcome here,

    There are about 5% to 80% of the yachts built custom made. Depends on which market segment you have in view.

    The 20 meter size is roughly 40% to 60% on the side of custom boats, when we talk sailing vessels.
    Above that, to some 25 meter we have about 80% to 87% custom made.

    Above 25mtr almost all are custom made.

    Talking motor yachts, that changes dramatically.

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    The real point is what you call a "yacht".

    Almost all small (3-5m) boats or racing dingeys constructed by thier owners/builders are "custom" or "semi-custom". It is the nature of the beast. But there are as many or more one designs of this size that are series production.

    Once you get into larger coastal vessel I've no hard data but, by my knowledge there are many, many, more series production than semi-custom sail boats, and more semi-custom than custom boats just based upon the economics of hull production cost point. And again it breaks down by classes. Very few comodity type "weekender", "coastal" or "one-designs" are custom. As you move to the more specalized classes, more semi-custom hulls appear and finally out at the edge of racing and distance voyaging they are almost all custom or highly modified designs.

    Edit to add:

    X post with Richard. I think a good way to break it down is to say if the builder would carry the hull on a spec build, then it would be series production, if not then it would be custom. In this case, as Richard (and I above) points out, almost all very large (or very small) yachts are custom because they are built to the owners specifications
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    Hi Apex1,

    thanks for your reply.
    So to be more specific. How would you see things in Europe in the sail boat market of around 9 to 12m.... I know it is a crowded area. but still it s the biggest slice of the market.
    12 to 15m is I think the next step up that would be interesting too.

    5 to 80% is quite a big variation..... maybe we could narrow that down and get your valued oppinion on this one too.

    thank again for your reply.

    Under custom I understand....not a designer getting a boat build 300 times....but an individual design....where a customer walks in and says I hate everything out there I want you to design me my boat.

  5. apex1

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    In that segment 9 to 15 meter, a real custom built is extremely rare. I would guess far below 1 pro mille.
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