Mariner Seville 37 2008

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Nocanvas, Feb 11, 2019.

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    I hear people talk about length to width ,semi displacement and hull speed when referring to the Mariner Seville 37 2008. Not being a boat designer and after a wide search on the internet I haven't found much on this boat other than the dimensions and the hull speed. So with that being said I'm curious when the designer designed this boat hull, what criteria would have been used to determine the stability and performance of this paticular design ? What made this hull design favorable to build for its intended use. Im a novice here hoping to learn something without getting eaten by people smarter than I.
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    Did you try a Google search?
    I did, and it turned up quite a slew of information.
    You might also search the designers name.
    although it’s not likely that the original SOR or hull calcs are public information, you might be able to open up dialogue with the designer if you are truly intere$ted.
    Is there a particular aspect of this vessel that you find intrigueing?
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